Ellen Marie Pike has awarded my blog “A Blog with Substance Award.” This is so exciting, especially because it is a completely unbiased opinion (she is not related, nor a former classmate, nor neighbor–in fact we have never met)! In the spirit of “paying it forward” I’d like to mention ten blogs that I think deserve such an award:

1. Mama Pike’s Happy Home: http://www.mamapikeshappyhome.blogspot.com/ Her blog is filled with practical ideas as well as inspiration and I’m only one of many who think so,

2. The Lyon’s Tale: http://blog.annettelyon.com/ Annette’s blog is great for anyone who likes to read or write.

3. http://rayabelna.com/ I’m not a raw food all the time person, but sometimes it is fun to try new things.

4. Seriously, so blessed! http://seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com/ A friend directed me to this one. If you are not already one of TAMN’s million followers, this one is a hoot. The substance? It will inspire you to get a salon pedi and go back to school for a law/biz/med/dental degree .

5. There are No Rules http://blog.writersdigest.com/norules/ by Jane Friedman–another one every writer should follow.

6. Author Tech Tips http://www.authortechtips.com –I reference this one all the time now. Also has great tips about blogging.

7. Amanda Jensen: http://paintitsewthrifty.blogspot.com/ Not only is Amanda gorgeous, super kind and genuine, but she’s talented! This blog is about sewing and crafting–did I mention she is also single? Ok, she is also my niece, but I’d love this blog anyway.

8.Baadsgaard Bylines:  http://janenebaadsgaard.blogspot.com/ Janene Baadsgaard has written extensively for over thirty years offering her readers valuable information, insight and humor about life.

9. Michael Hyatt: http://michaelhyatt.com New favorite–I check this one often.

10. Writer in the Cranberry Tower http://ggvandagriffblog.com/ by GG Vandagriff –about books and life.

Thanks again for the award Mama Pike!