Prior to my granddaughter, Kennady’s birth I gave my daughter a baby-shower. I Googled recipes from Paula Deen, tied dozens of tiny bows onto lollipop sticks, learned a new shape for puffed pastry, and color coordinated everything to the nursery: pink and green.

At the end of the evening I had wilted, gained five pounds, and had smeared make-up. But I also felt a small sense of triumph. The month of baking, freezing, shopping and finally loading, driving, unloading, etc. had been highly praised. (Even if my first-time fruit bouquet needed more filler kelp.)

One month later I was a grandma and now it was time for the other side of the family to host a baby shower for Kennady. My husband and I were invited because it was a family event. On the way there I suggested we pick up another gift. “But we already gave her a shower, half of Costco, and a blessing gown.” “I know dear. . .” I talked him into stopping to pick up some adorable head bands with various interchangeable flowers. Then we went to the $1 store for a quick gift bag. All the bags were tacky and huge. At the last minute I grabbed a clear green water jug. Practical, fun and the right color.

At the party the food was a full meal spread that filled the table to overflowing. After the small talk and eating it was time for gifts. That is when I realized every one of Kennady’s other grandmas (three were there from her papa’s family) and aunts had bought her a dozen more gifts each. Their gifts filled the room. The silly looking jug with headbands began to look very pathetic. I wished I was where I could stash it away behind the sofa.

Grandma Kaye, who had already gone all out on gifts at the other shower, not only gave tons of new gifts, including a beautiful dress “for a picture,” but also a diaper bag for her son (black and very classy). And then my daughter grabs the plastic green jug. Please don’t say who it’s from. Give me some dignity before I slink away.

I’ve come to grips with the idea that my granddaughter will be spoiled by the other family. Grandma Kaye has continued to buy Kennady gifts on a daily basis. I don’t even attempt to keep up, but I no longer pick up “gift bags” at the $1 store.

I am holding out for the day when I can take my granddaughter on trails through the Quaking Aspens while we munch on dried apples and cashews. I’ll let her smell the sweet peas in my garden where we’ll make houses for pixies, and later we’ll make a treat from crackers, cheese and marshmallows. Then we’ll curl up in my big rocker where I used to rock her mother and we’ll read Winnie the Pooh.

There is one problem: I am a slow learner. I am hosting a brunch / open house after Kennady’s blessing in a couple of weeks and all the new out-laws are coming. HELP ME PAULA DEEN!