Today I am a featured guest-blogger. (I think there is supposed to be a moment of silence or something.) I wrote it a few weeks ago and now when I read it I keep asking, “Should I have written something more scholarly? Perhaps more useful? At least something that received a good edit?” Do writers ever stop second guessing what they wrote and wishing they could do one more rewrite?

I recently connected with a critique group. One guy who critiqued three chapters for me gave some great helps, said my story had good bones, and then suggested a book about writing. (Now is a good time to picture me laughing until I become the crazy lady who sits on curbs and spits.)

That is one reason I quit posting Hezekiah excerpts for now. He’s still being critiqued. And rewritten. (I’m going to have to get me a red hat.)

So anyway, check out my guest blog at Anne Bradshaw’s blog, but remember, I’d change it if I could.