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This post is just for fun. I have listed ten sets of three characters. Each set are from a classic literature book. See if you can guess the book.

Most of these are for children, though some are more mature. (They are all appropriate for children, but may not hold their interest.)

1) Mary Lennox, Martha and Dickon

2) Peter, Lucy, Edmond

3) Duchess, Ginger, Merrylegs

4) Peggotty, Betsy Trotwood, Wilkins Micawber

5) Marilla, Matthew, Diana

6) Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Isaac of York, The Black Knight

7) Mario Bellini, Chester, Tucker

8 ) Fritz, Ernest, Francis

9) Edmond Dantes, Danglars, Villefort

10) B612 (slight fudge on this one–it’s actually a place), The Rose, The Fox

11) Nathaniel Bowditch, Elizabeth, Mary (Polly)

12) Homer, Freddy, Uncle Ulysses

13) Pa, Mary, Laura

14) Henry, Jessie, Violet

15) Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, Captain Flint

16) Margot, Mrs. Van Daan, Peter

17) Ichabod Crane, Katrina Van Tassel, Brom Bones

18) Scout, Jem, Atticus

19) Captain Nemo, Aronnax, Conseil

20) George Knightly, Frank Churchill, Harriet Smith

• All twenty correct: (assuming no internet searches were resorted to)—You deserve the Award for Literary Acumen (if there were such an award, I’d be delighted to send it to you, but you are welcome to claim on FB, your blog, or Twitter that you qualified.)
• 15-19: Well done, and well read. Please accept the accolades of those who wish they had done as much, which would be, well, you know who you are.
• 10-14: Pretty good. Really. Better than it could have been at least.
• Less than 10: I wouldn’t tell anyone. Seriously, less than ten?

All these books are found on the Children’s Classics Book List. Enjoy, there are several I haven’t read. Yet.