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This Sunday will be October 10, 2010, or in more simple expression: 10.10.10.

Oh my goodness, what does it mean? (You have just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.)

Numerologists are having a heyday with this date (too detailed to list). And in Pythagorean numbers 10.10.10 is 6.6.6 (shut the blinds!) but written in Roman numerals it is a good excuse to make-out: X X X

10.10.10 is a perfect binary number that translates into 42. So what is so special about 42? It’s the answer to life, the universe and everything. (I promise. On Google, in all lower case, type in: the answer to life the universe and everything)

(I’m not a follower of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but when reading about this there were some very funny moments.)

So will there be a cataclysmic event with universes colliding, will computer systems go nuts (oh wait, that already happened on Y2K), or will people simply use it as an excuse to celebrate life?

There are more weddings being planned on this date than any since 9-9-09. There is an abundance of birthdays with many people turning 10 or even 30 (10+10+10). On a discussion board, one man wrote: “I was born at 10.00am (according to my mum’s hospital record) on 10.10.73. And im turning 37 (7+3 or 3+7 = 10). . . To make things more interesting, i converted my name ‘CLIFFORD’ into numbers, and this is the total i got: ’73’.”

Ok there.

Another man wrote, “My father was born on 10-10-10; obviously, he would have been 100 years old this year, so it’s an auspicious date to me!” One lady found this interesting fact: “On October 10th 2010, 40th week, will be my 40th anniversary!” And another lady wrote: “I was born on 10-10-55 and I will be 55 years old on 10-10-10. That cannot be a coincidence! What does it mean?”


On this date a group of people in Perth, Western Australia will officially recognize a new decimalized calendar system as their primary source of reference for time. It is called the “Ten Strong Calendar.” The calendar is aligned with the cyclical nature of numbers, hence creating a 10 day living cycle for a new world.

The ten days of the Ten Strong Calendar are called 1. Co-ExisTENce DAY, 2. InTENtion DAY, 3. SusTENance DAY, 4.TENancy DAY, 5. InTENsity DAY, 6. AtTENtion DAY, 7. EnlighTENment DAY, 8. TENacity DAY, 9. ConTENtment DAY, and 10. PoTENtial / TENstrong day. “The calendar promotes a holistic attitude to life / nature by focusing attention to core human qualities.”

What about ghostwritTEN day? (Everybody writes somebody else’s blog for them.) BegotTEN day? (A day set aside for working on family history—or creating it.) Or overeaTEN day? (Also known as GluTEN day. Think Thanksgiving dinner every week.) And consider what could be done with “frighten,” “unbitten” or “abstention.” I just think they missed some key opportunities.

10.10.10 is also being proclaimed as a “Global Day of Doing”—a day to take positive action on climate change. The Obama’s will be eating a breakfast that morning cooked via solar power.

So what will you do at 10:10:10 o’clock on 10.10.10? We could all pause from our solar cooked sausage, stand at atTENtion, and just laugh.

By the way, it is a significant day for me. 10-10-10 is my 30th anniversary. We were married in Manti following the 10 a.m. session. Now there’s something to celebrate!