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With the holidays coming, many of us will be driving to grandma’s and usually half way there, passengers get antsy and it’s a good time for a snack. Today I was on the road with my husband. He had several clients to go see in an area a couple of hours away, so I packed up my lap top and went along for the ride.

Around noon I pulled out some dried apples (that I dry every fall) and almonds. Other favorites I like to combine include dried cherries or dried cranberries, and cashews, pumpkin seeds, pistachios or whatever I have on hand. Today I grabbed two jumbo homemade oatmeal chocolate chip molasses cookies. (Whole grain, sugar free.) These are my favorite snacks—healthy, filled with long term, calm energy and no sugar buzz.

However, four hours later it was time for another snack. We stopped in a health food store to get my all time favorite. Liberté, Méditerranée coconut yogurt: “Our thickest, richest, fruit bottom natural yogurt.” I keep plastic spoons in the glove box just for this.
If you don’t care for coconut, they have other flavors. (Ok, there is sugar in this—but it’s not overly sweet.)

When our children were young and we’d go on road trips, to grandma’s, California, or Seattle a family favorite was chips (baked tortilla chips or pita chips) and hummus. I was the ‘master of the food’ and would dip a chip, then pass it back. It’s a fairly neat snack and hummus comes in some great flavors. We liked sun-dried tomato.

If you haven’t had Larabars, Cosco now carries them. Here’s a list of ingredients in the cherry bar: cherries, almonds, dates. Tada! And it tastes wonderful. I keep these in my pantry for when my DH has a day full of meetings. He just takes one in his brief case.

Get to know your health food store. The best ever chocolate bars can be found there. I love dark organic chocolate with cranberries and almonds. I admit this is a treat and not for every day.

While you are there, grab a bottle of juice. My DH loves the pineapple coconut one and I usually grab a papaya pineapple. When our children were young we’d grab mountain raspberry sodas—fruit juice sweetened.

One day we purchased a lap tray with side pockets. With that we could easily pick up or take along some whole grain bread, almond butter and fruit only jam for some quick sandwiches that I made while we travelled.

So next time you’re tempted to grab artificial fruit, rubbery cheese sticks, or mini hotdogs in a can, consider that there are other delicious options. And enjoy the ride.