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Last year I stopped in at a local book signing for an author who I’d reviewed earlier. She was there with fellow author Jewel Adams. Jewel was friendly and warm. I enjoyed meeting her. She is a prolific author and had several of her books with her.

Jewel presented me with The Journey, the first book of her Enchanted Legends series. The Journey is a YA fantasy novel. It is an intriguing story of a young woman, Ciran, who leaves her father’s kingdom for a journey into another world. If she remains true to her noble heritage and follows the teachings she is provided with, she will be able to return to her father’s kingdom. If not, she will be forgotten and mourned as her mother was.

“It is a fickle thing, this word choice. For upon that word sat all others. Upon that act, sat every consequence. Upon that act, was the vast and unknown fate of all things decided.”

In her journey Ciran meets Orion, her guardian, who is more than he appears. She is eventually joined by her brother, Sakriel, who has the gift of healing. But she is also misled by others, betrayed and taken captive. Will Ciran be able to stay strong and worthy to return home? Will she ever find the man who will love her forever?

The Journey would make a great gift to a young woman. It has adventure, romance, and a theme that they will relate to. The sequel to The Journey is: Place in this World
Jewel Adams is a stay-at-home mother of eight and author. “My hobbies are reading, writing, spending time with my family, traveling, shopping, and eating Italian food.”

Jewel recently wrote on her blog: “I have said this frequently, but I never would have guessed or could have even fathomed when I was eighteen that I would one day be married to the amazing man I have been privileged to marry, the mother of eight, writing books, and speaking to groups. I had dreams and aspirations, just not those. But as I have come to know, dreams can change, and when we are open to God’s will for us, we are blessed beyond all imagining.”

I asked Jewel some questions about her life as an author.

Me: As a writer, when is your favorite time to write?
Jewel: Since I still have four kids at home and I home school them, I kind of have to squeeze it in whenever I can, but I’m a total night owl so I do a lot of late nighttime writing. When the thoughts are seriously flowing and I’m in the ‘zone’, I stay up until they stop, which usually means I’ll get three or four hours of sleep at the most, but I make up for it the next day with a long, long nap:-)

Me: What are your worse distractions?
Jewel: I’d say the absolute worst are when I get phone calls right when the thoughts are flowing and I’m trying to get them all down before I forget them. Even when the kids are noisy and their friends are camping out at our house, I can usually tune them out easily, but phone calls are hard.

Me: If you could go to an ideal place to write, what would it be like?
Jewel: Actually I was there already. My husband sometimes travels for work and about five years ago we went to Sweden and Italy. I got oodles of book ideas and ended up writing a couple of books, one based in Stockholm and the other centered in Treviso, which is about twenty minutes away from Venice. If I could ever go back to Italy, I definitely would. I think I’m an Italian at heart. 🙂

Me: What are some of your favorite books?
Jewel: I read a lot of genres and write a few, but my favorites will always be romance and fantasy, especially YA fantasy.