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Ever wonder what impact it might have had if Matthew 5:48 read “Be ye therefore good enough?”

Possibly inventors like the Wright Brothers would have been content to walk upon the ground like everyone else. Maybe great thinkers and observers like Galileo, who stood against the majority of philosophers and astronomers of his day when they claimed that the Earth is at the center of the universe, would have simply shrugged and asked, “What does it really matter?” And where would the world be without heroes who decide to do something totally illogical for someone else?

This video is an interview with the humble, fierce woman who saves girls from slave trafficking. Listen to what she plans to do with the award money. CNN interviews Hero of the Year.

I am thankful for people who do not settle for minimums. I’m glad we are challenged with “Be ye therefore perfect,”  but without a timeline. With this mandate, each day, each year, each decade, we can strive to learn something new, develop a new talent, be a better neighbor, brighten someone’s day with a thank you note, smile more often, create something unique, make a difference, and clean up after ourselves as we go.

The contentment that comes from growing and developing is a key element of the abundant life. After all, it’s the journey that defines us, not the reward.