I’ve seen a lot of frightened blogs lately. TEOLAWKI type posts. People are seeing the handwriting on the (subway) wall. Actually the intensity is not so different than a newsletter I used to read in the 80’s, but I’m starting to agree that it’s getting pretty dire. Whether life does change (some are saying best case scenarios we all learn to live on 50% less) or just hits a couple more speed bumps, it probably won’t totally screech to a halt.

Whatever the future holds, there are a few things I’d still like to do before TEOLAWKI. (This list is susceptible to change–because I am, after all, a woman.)

1. Read great books, listen to great symphonies, and attend some great outdoor concerts. I enjoy just about anything: Blue Ridge, Jazz, Classic, oldies rock, Sinatra songs, even bag pipes. Just not hard rock or rap. This probably dates me. (Hey, who unplugged my oxygen?)
2. Write a couple dozen more books. The one I’m working on is so fun, I’ll probably stay in this genre for awhile, but someday I’d like to return to historic heroes.
3. Visit a few dozen places, try new cuisines, learn to say hello in new languages, meet new people, encounter new ideas.
4. Have a dozen grandchildren and take them with me. (My children know I’m not opposed to adopting some myself. I told them I will just show up on their doorsteps some day and hand them their new child. However, I’m not totally nuts. I’m willing to give them a reasonable amount of time to take care of it themselves. Like anytime this year M & H.)
5. Take hikes to see what’s around the next bend.
6. Open a school (or maybe ten) in South America. As long as I get to teach at least one class.
7. Paraglide off a cliff. Nothing but me, the sky, the wind, some flimsy strings and fabric and the hard earth far below. So Cool!
8. Ride a river to the end.
9. Ride a train through the mountains.
10. Loose ten pounds all ready!

I hope that we all prepare for the worse: learn to cut back, pray a little more often, help each other, smile more, learn to cook with dry beans, pay off our debts as quick as possible, and stock up on shoes. But I also hope we all still dream and make plans.

Pick some things for your list that are so unrealistic that they’re still there in ten years. Always have something left to do. I’ll probably still be working on that ten pounds.

What’s on your list?