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I’ve been blogging about living abundantly for a couple of months now and frankly, I would like to—the old fashioned, pre-bubble burst way. With luxury. Seriously, with this economy, I’d like to blow a raspberry in the general direction of DC. I am getting tired of consolidating trips to town, baking everything from scratch and I would give my basement dweller for a new spring wardrobe. (Well, not really, but how about my neighbor’s cat?)

So what do I do when I get down right tired of being frugal and wise? Tired of being cheerful in the face of high gas prices and escalating prices at the grocery store? Tired of politicians pointing the finger across the aisle, the dollar turning to ash and having to outlast the wettest spring in about fifteen years?

Well this week I splurged. I ate chocolate, rented “Tangled” and took a long hot bath. With a romance novel.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to living frugally, cheerfully, and hopefully. This week I took some time off. I’m sure my family will get over it.

Think of it as running intervals. Sprint, sprint, sprint. Walk and enjoy. Sprint, sprint. . .you know.

So catch your breath, go out to eat, catch a play, or go to the spa. Regroup, refuel, renew.

Tomorrow we can once again hit this recession running.