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Recently a business associate of my husband’s returned from a trip to Hawaii. While there, his daughter, her husband, and their seven year old daughter went parasailing. A storm came up and the line to the parasail snapped. Left at the mercy of the wind, the child was ripped from her life jacket that held her and fell into the raging waves beneath them. The girl did not know how to swim and they watched helpless as waves rose about her.

The couple was unable to respond to their daughter’s separation as the wind immediately began to buffet them about, catching the sail and slamming them into cresting waves. Heartbroken over their daughter, they had to endure their own nightmare. As they would hit the waves, their knees would be smashed upward into their faces, their necks wrenched backward, and they received other beatings by the forces of nature.

At last they were rescued, bruised, cut and twisted (they are recovering slowly). Then after twenty minutes of searching—miraculously—their daughter was found, alive and well. When asked what she had done to stay on top the ocean, especially since she couldn’t swim, the child replied, “I don’t know. I fell asleep.”

When life gets out of our control, when we feel like we are being buffeted on all sides, do not lose faith. Trust in God. Miracles happen.