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I was away from home for the last three days (baby-sitting the grand-puppies–yes, there is something wrong with that statement–but we love our children, and the “boys” are adorable). Also, my computer decided to battle a virus that hid all my files and icons. I could find them through a search, but they had simply turned invisible (someday I might use this in a book–as aweful as it was to receive, I had to admire the ingenuity). Anyway, between playing hide ‘n seek with files and unpacking, sorting emails, and mopping floors, the blog took a hiatus.

Well, not completely. I received this article by Jonathan Swinton, a licensed marriage and family therapist. I am passing the whole thing on, because every point is excellent. Right from the start: Be parents, not peers, to #6, where I learned something new, all the way to the last tip. Although these are short tips, they each are powerful. So here it is, “14 Tips for Disciplining Children.”