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When Andi, a successful, vibrant woman, becomes selected as a contestant on the new dating show, “Finding Mrs. Right,” she flies off to beautiful Hawaii. There Andi falls in love with the landscape that contrasts black, ragged volcanoes with lush vegetation. Dates take place in helicopter rides over Cascading waterfalls, zip line rides over deep gorges (I’ve got to do this one!) and snorkling in the warm waters of the ocean. But in the midst of her awe over her new surroundings, Andi finds herself becoming more and more attracted to “Mr. Right,”  Michael Makura. Amazingly, he seems to be returning her level of attachment. 

This book is for every woman who dreams of being chosen over a room full of other beautiful women and liked for who she is naturally—kind, fun-loving, and a bit of the girl-next-door.

The conflict is not whether or not Michael Makura chooses Andi, the problem is whether Andi will choose Michael. Can she walk away from the most eligible man in Hawaii, who wants to choose her and can give her everything, everything but what is most important?

“I really like him,” Lauryn said. “He couldn’t be more handsome or thoughtful.”
“I’m trying not to think about it.” Andi needed to take a calming breath. Then she burst out, “Lauryn, what am I going to do? I think I’m falling in love with him.”
“Whoa,” Lauryn sat up. “Andi, that’s big stuff. I mean, he’s awesome, he really is, but he’s not—“
Andi put her hands over her ears and squeezed her eyes shut. “I know. I know.”
But her efforts to block Lauryn’s words didn’t erase the reality of the situation.

Andi flees to New York where she renews a relationship with a man who dotes on her and takes her on amazing dates. He seems to be the perfect fit. So why does she keep thinking of the man who was not?

There’s also the tiny problem that something very sinister is about to happen to Andi that has nothing to do with dating shows or dates in New York. Sometimes, even extraordinary lives become the target for vindictive, angry minds.

Imagine yourself sitting in your favorite lounge chair, your children happily running through the sprinklers, a cold drink at your elbow, and a delightful romance to read. The Perfect Fit by Michele Ashman Bell fits perfectly into such a day.

It is the third of the Butterfly Box Series, but you don’t need to have read A Modest Proposal or Hometown Girl to enjoy this story or follow what is happening.

Michelle is a talented, prolific writer. She is an advocate for “Mothers Without Borders.” You can read about that and more of Michelle’s projects on her blog. Get The Perfect Fit and enjoy your summer reading.