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When I was a child, my grandparents gave me a rocker that looked much like this. I have great memories with that rocker; especially feeding my beloved teddy-bear, Sandalina, soda crackers while she sat in it. I pilfered the crackers from the basement storage cupboards and served them with water.

Since my parents gently insisted I take my rocker, clearing space in their basement, I have toted it around through at least eight moves. For about thirty years, I have lovingly stored it away for the day when I would have a granddaughter to pass it on to.

Saturday that day arrived. But first her grandpa and I sanded, primed, painted, painted several coats more, touched-up, and finished the chair with vinyl lettering and other accents, and finally a couple of gloss coats. My childhood rocker had a whole new look. And I had the paint on my elbow at the birthday party that testified of the love involved. My granddaughter was adorable in our rocker. Someday soon she’ll grow into it. Her mother, our daughter, loved it. She knew.

I believe the best gifts in life come with a part of us.