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This last week I took three days off, went to see my sister and joined her group that hiked the Subway in Zion’s NP. For those who know what the Subway is, and have done it themselves—cyber knuckle bumps! I came away with some great memories (no pics though as we didn’t take a camera—hoping I get some via email), a determination to learn to swim (you’d think I would have taken care of this before now), and the realization that I have entered the YODA portion of my life (Years of Decline arrgh).

So about the swimming thing. The Subway is more an obstacle course at times than a hike. There are descents that require rappelling, lots of boulders to negotiate, an occasional tree to scuttle, and pools to swim through. Considering I had a pack on my back, which included a bag where my boots rode, and that the pools were COLD, swimming through one would be challenging for the best Eagle Scout.
Add that I can’t swim and well, it was not my most dignified moments. Generally I jumped as far as possible, and after the canyon echoes had subsided, thrashed my arms and legs until I arrived at the other side. Thank goodness a few times I had help.

Now my DH is determined (and my children are encouraging) that I learn to swim. His idea of a location though is a very public, sunny pool where my fair Irish skin can sizzle, my middle age figure in a swimsuit will be exposed to the masses and my ridiculous attempts at staying atop the water can be gawked at. Not to mention that I live in a small town and there is sure to be at least a dozen tanned, sleek bodies there that know me.

I suggested a less public location—like a lake in the mountains. I’ll just say the debate is not settled. But if you see someone that fits my description at a lake by herself about to go under, please just help and laugh later.

And as for YODA—climb out of the canyon (at the end), without 1000 breaks, I did not. Go for a run the next day, I did not. (Or two days after.) Bend the knees without pain for a day, I did not. Appreciate the beauty that is hidden away for only the strong, brave or foolish to find, yep, that one I did!

It gives me a sense that I can do almost anything, even at my age. To infinity and beyond! Or at least, learn to swim.