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Summer is half over, don’t let your children run out of enthusiasm. Here are five, simple art project ideas every child could love.

1. Run an internet search for images of Lego creations. Selectively choose a few to show your child. Check out these M.C. Escher inspired ones, but look closely, that cello is also made from Legos. Then dump all the Legos into a pile, take away the instructions and create.

2. Chalk art. Again, choose some images to be amazed over, then go out and draw your own creation in the middle of the driveway, like a hole to drive into.

3. Make lunch time an adventure. Give them the food components and let them create.

4. For desert, finger paint with pudding. Mix a box of vanilla pudding, divide into three bowls, and color each bowl with quality food coloring in the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. “Paint” on individual paper plates or a roll of butcher paper.

5. Make sun catchers from tissue paper and a frame made from foam board, poster board, or construction paper.