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I overheard two men yesterday as they passed by:
The first man, while he bravely shuffled to keep pace with his companion, said, “I’m moving as fast as I can at my age.”
The second man replied, “You’re doing great. I tell people, if you don’t like this speed, you won’t like what’s coming.”

Not sure why, but that conversation (which I have mentally filed away for future need) led me to an interesting site: IINDM (I’d tell you what the acronym stood for, but that would be like giving spoilers.) They claim that “Some are born to slowness—others have it thrust upon them.” Their motto seems to be, “Do less, slowly.” The site offers a newsletter: “Join our 4,000+ members of the IINDM. It’s free, and as you would expect, you don’t have to do anything. Sign up and be slowly notified of new articles. . . They show up once in a blue moon.”

They also offer links for topics like:

 How to Slow Down
 How to Get Out of Bed
 The Art of Not Doing Much
 Minimal Effort
 Compassion for Multitasking Women

It’s hard not to give you more, but here is tip #2 from the first article: “Do one thing at a time. Remember multitasking is a moral weakness (except for women who have superior brain function.)” I might frame that.

I don’t think I’m slothful (maybe nuts)–Yesterday I was up at 4am–but in a crazy world of worries, deadlines and chaos, there comes a time when a good book and a shady tree are called for. Slowing down occasionally keeps us sane, helps us refuel, and works better than Cheerios for lower blood pressure.

So, as the Clampetts would say, “kick yer shoes off, set a-spell,” and sing along: “Feeling Groovy.”
(Sorry about the mixed media reference. I wrote this yesterday when I was running on fumes.)