Welcome to the new focus of my blog—starting NOW! Did you notice the new look? I’m very excited about this because I think change is a positive thing. I have loved blogging about teaching, and parenting ideas and those posts can still be found in the sidebar. I also loved blogging about living abundantly during economically difficult times. So much so, that those may still occur once in awhile. Actually the changes are not all that drastic.
Here is what you will find:

Monday: me. A little narcissistic? I don’t know, I hope not (but hey, I’m kind of proud I could spell that word without spell check). Monday will include posts about my haphazard adventures, my take on what’s going on in this crazy life around us, and probably an occasional link. Even if it’s just a music video like this one:
Doo doo doo . . . Bother me tomorrow, today, I’ll buy no sorrows. . .

Where was I?
Wednesday: Guest Blogger, Chelo (Consuela Rivera). How do I introduce Chelo? Have you ever put a ketchup bottle in the fridge door upside down so that all the remaining ketchup runs down into the neck; then you take it out and hold it over a hamburger and pop the lid? At that point all the pressure behind the ketchup explodes red splatters everywhere. Chelo is like that. Just waiting to burst out with whatever is bottled up inside (and a bit upside down) at a given moment.

Friday: I’ll still do an occasional book review. And in a couple of months I’ll be posting related articles to my latest project. (All interesting and fun.) Until then, I’ll be posting about Living Green. (Not what you’d expect from a Christian Conservative who knows how to use a crock pot, right?) I guess I’m a tree-hugger at heart.