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Hi! This is Chelo again. So, my friend, Khaldun (his full name is much, much longer), is celebrating Ramadan this month. I didn’t know what it was, but I noticed he wasn’t eating lunch and he explained. Afterwards, I still didn’t know, but here’s the best I could figure out:

It goes far back into the history of his ancestors and they fast during the day. They only eat and drink after the sun goes down. Seriously, not even water before then! He says they give up other things too. Ramadan is a time to purify their minds and bodies. By giving up, say chocolate cheesecake, he is redirecting his thoughts away from worldly stuff, and it teaches him self-control. Then, while he is sacrificing something he wants, like chocolate cheesecake, he is encouraged to be kind and generous to others.

So, I was like, way impressed, but cheese whiz! I don’t know if I could give up food and drink while the sun shines. But I thought about it and I decided that maybe I could try this idea and give up something. Like well, you know, chocolate cheesecake, and not just during the daytime, but for a whole thirty days!

I told Khaldun my idea and he was supportive. He said that anytime we learn to master ourselves by giving up something we really like that we don’t really need, it is good. He asked how often I ate cheesecake, and I admitted not that often—that’s why I like it—maybe once or twice per year. So he asked me if there was something I did everyday that I could try to give up for a month.

Now that was harder.

Shopping for shoes and accessories
Drinking Pepsi (more than one per day)
Kissing (well, not every day)
Sleeping in (until school starts)
Shopping for clothes
Texting (every ten minutes or more—like how’s a girl to keep in touch?)
Watching my soap opera (right now there’s been a murder and there are at least five people that could have done it that are all acting like maybe they did).

There were more, but I was already getting depressed. I thought maybe I’d have to give up all of them. But then I decided I would try to give up three! That’s as much as three meals, right? I’m very proud of myself for deciding to give up that many! Here are my sacrifices:

1. sugar—for thirty days!!!! I talked to SD and she’s going to do this one with me. But it’s hardly fair because she doesn’t really eat that much, so I told her she had to do three also.
2. My soap opera. This is going to be soooo hard! And I can’t get updates either.
3. I’m going to cut back on my texting to twice per day and then I can only text for ½ hr. each time. My fingers are trembling already. I don’t know if I can do this!

So SD said she’d also give up checking FB more than once every other day—wow, I’m glad I didn’t think of that one!—and since she’s not into soaps or shopping (gasp!), she’s going to give up staying up past 11 p.m. I guess she doesn’t need a social life now that’s she’s married. Gracious! That’d be like giving up shopping!

Anyway, this Ramadan is a fantástico idea, and I’m glad I asked Khaldun about it. You ought to give it a try—not necessarily the Ramadan fasting, but the idea of sacrificing something. Let me know if you do! And wish me well—I’ve got to go throw out all my sugar before I lose my resolve.

BTW, whoever selected that picture for this post was being just cruel! Good thing you can’t see me because I’m sticking my tongue out at you!