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Welcome to a summertime party: the Awesome August Blog Hop. There are several bloggers participating and giving away prizes!  

To enter my giveaway to receive a $10 gift certificate at Amazon (think of all the ebooks that could buy!):

  • Click to receive the RSS feed, or subscribe on FB.
  • For two extra chances at winning: comment on one of my other posts (like this one or this one)(actually there are plenty to choose from).
  • Leave a comment here to tell me what you’ve done. If your email doesn’t appear with your profile, leave an email where I can notify you if you win.

Now, hop along to number 23 (or 21 if you’re going backwards), and another chance to win.

This blog hop will self-destruct Wednesday night at midnight, so be sure to enter before then!

Awesome August Blog Hop Participants 

1. Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author
2. Karen Hoover
3. Michael Young
4. Kristy Tate
5. cindy Hogan
6. Julie Bellon
7. Margot Hovley
8. Laurie Lewis
9. Mandi Slack
10. Melanie Jacobson
11. Joyce DiPastena
12. Renae Mackley
13. Debbi Weitzell
14. Donna Hatch
15. Carolyn Frank
16. Marsha Ward
17. Stacy Coles
18. Bonnie Harris
19. Danyelle Ferguson aka Queen of the Clan
20. Diony George
21. Lisa Asanuma
22. Susan Dayley
23. Christine Bryant @ Day Dreamer
24. Stephanie Humphreys
25. Ranee` Clark
26. Tamera Westhoff
27. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
28. Heather Justesen
29. Rebecca Talley
30. Jennifer Hurst
31. Aimee Brown
32. Cheryl Christensen
33. Rachelle Christensen
34. Imaginary Reads
35. Andrea Pearson

BTW, I love that I’m number 22–it’s my favorite number.