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“The Decision,” produced by Sun Swing Media, is a short, animated film that addresses the topic of pornography with the positive approach of boys who make the choice not to explore the pages of a pornographic magazine.

When three boys run home for ice-cream sandwiches, they find a magazine lying along the side of their path. However, when they open the pages, they quickly realize they have found something that makes them feel uncomfortable. The film introduces a topic that parents increasingly need to discuss with their children. The issue is no longer: how to prevent children from seeing such material, but: how to help your children know what to do if (when) they do. Despite the best of filters and fire-walls on home computers, parents will not be able to block all the video messages sent to cell phones and shared around school, or images that are woven into video games at a friend’s house. The average age for first time exposure to pornography is now eight.

“The Decision” provides the positive reinforcement of showing boys who made the right choice. The film is adapted from a story that appeared in the Friend, a magazine for children. The story is based on a true one. Sun Swing Media has plans for a series of animated teaching stories from the Friend.

The film also illustrates how critical it is to have parents involved with their children, building a relationship of confidences based on the security of love. A Family Home Evening lesson that uses the four minute film, “The Decision” as a tool to stimulate discussion is available at Sun Swing Media.

“The Decision” is available now for download for only $1. Another FHE lesson can be found at Sugardoodle.