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Tonight I’ll be at Pack Night. Because of life coming in big doses, our cub masters were strapped, so I said, “Don’t worry about it,” and did what I could. (I’m cub committee chair—which I’m still vague about what that means, but as long as I help and don’t hinder we’re all happy. Just don’t tell the district staff, okay?) Anyway, this is our plan for pack night. Hopefully it all turns out well.

These ideas would also work great for a children’s Halloween party; particularly 8-10 year-olds.

So after the flag ceremony, skit, announcements, and awards, here’s the plan:

First, to warm them up, a couple of songs. I’m going to connect a computer up to a TV screen and using some on-line videos, have them sing along to “Witch Doctor” (see if they can keep up) and “One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater.”

Then I’ll have the cubs line up at front and each in turn say, “Chubby Bunny.” Then with a marshmallow in their mouth, go down the line and repeat. They cannot chew, or swallow, and each time they add a marshmallow, they repeat “Chubby Bunny,” one boy at a time until there is giggling chaos. If one boy is a clear winner, he’ll get a marshmallow pumpkin peep as a prize.

At this point we’ll divide into three groups that will go to three different activities in rotation.

Group One will do the traditional stick-their-hand-in-a-covered-box-and-feel-the-gross-contents thing. They’ll be given tags that their group is to place in front of the correct box. The items and the correct labels are:

Peeled grapes: Zombie eye balls
Spaghetti & oil: Goblin guts
Oatmeal (molded in a small bowl) & oil: Bat brains
Zuchinni slices cut roughly like ears and dried: Pirate ears
Peeled tomatoes: Frankenstein’s liver
Pistachio shells: witch’s nails

Be sure to have wet-wipes on hand, and cover the table with plastic.

Group Two will have a “ghost relay.” Using sheets over their heads they race precariously around chairs to the opposite side where the sheet is given to someone on the other half of the team.

If time allows, they’ll also have a “Toilet Paper Snake relay.” Each team unrolls a roll and with out tearing it, with it stretched out, race around the building. If it tears, a “sweeper” gathers the remnants, but the snake continues. The longest snake to finish wins.

Group Three will be divided into teams wrapping up a cub as a mummy with toilet paper. Be sure to bag the TP for recycling. Then have everyone pose for pictures.

Each rotation has ten minutes—don’t take more than ten minutes for a simple activity or you may lose their interest.

Then serve refreshments. At pack night, everyone helps with clean-up.