My DH and I recently took a mini vacation to southern Utah where the weather was perfect for October. Our last evening we left Capitol Reef State Park while I gazed out the window at the various formations in the dark orange cliffs.

“There’s the bull shoots,” I said, unable to think of the exact term.
“What did you say?” my DH asked, a hint of shock in his voice.
“Bull shoots, you know, like at the rodeo?”

Naming natural wonders can be challenging. But I wondered who named two large, magnificently formed pieces: Twin Rocks. I don’t know the circumstances, but the result is disappointing. Even Devil’s Footstools would show more imagination (everything seems to belong to the devil—Devil’s Organ, Devil’s Slide, Devil’s Backbone and so forth. I take it back; the devil doesn’t need anymore property.) I vote for Goliath’s Earplugs.

Some places rise to the occasion. In Yellowstone, they have Paint Pots.
In Zion’s they have the Subway.
And in Minnetonka Caves, though they have the group look back at the way they descended and give the obvious name of “Stairway to Heaven,” they let you imagine what it is called when going down.

Some images do not come with names and leave it to the spectator to imagine. Like this one: I call it “Waiting in line at the Supermarket.” You can tell it’s in Utah because several of the shoppers are expecting. But then again, they can be found in the Devil’s Garden.

What are some of your favorites?

BTW, Yellowstone has the Devil’s Thumb, Glacier National Park has the Devil’s Lake, Yosemite has the Devil’s Bathtub, and the Grand Canyon has the Devil’s Corkscrew, but Zion NP offers Angel’s Landing.