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I’m wandering through my morning, feeling like the theme song from the original Poseidon Adventure is playing somewhere in a forgotten closet. Kitchen cleaned, oven cleaned, chairs returned, highchair for granddaughter in basement, all remnants of one of my favorite days obliterated. And yet, a belated thought keeps knocking in my head like a truant dish of cranberry jello.

When William Brewster gathered his friends together at Scrooby Manor, in defiance of king and church, did he hear the chords of great things in the making? I believe that when the separatist (not yet pilgrims) questioned the established religious beliefs, it was not done from a selfish, “being true to myself” attitude, but rather a devout, “Thy will Lord,” and a hopeful, “For the sake of our children,” submitting pledge.

So as I sweep up the crumbs from pie crusts and rolls, I am bothered with the questions, “What do I believe, and what price am I willing to pay? Am I willing to stand against tradition and establishment if I sincerely disagree? And if so, is my stand rebellious or submissive; for my sake, or the sake of another generation?”

On this morning after, I hope I have the courage of the men and women who gathered, read from scripture, and prayed for guidance. I hope I am strong enough to bend to the Divine Will for me.

And I hope I don’t lose sight of what is important when I pull the tree out of the basement and begin the ascent to the next event of this holiday season.  

The holiday is over, long live the next holy day. Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone.

For pictures of Pilgrim beginnings, check here.