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It’s one of those mornings. What I need is a splash of cold water. Friday morning and a week’s worth of everything has piled up to be done today. Including my Friday blog post that is usually written at least the day before and scheduled to go up by 5—a.m. Ooops.

So here’s the deal. I’m now a regular contributor to LDW magazine with a post there every Tuesday. (Be sure to bookmark it.) Because of that, I’m going to drop my Monday posts here, thereby reducing Looking Out My Backdoor posts to just Wednesday and Friday. That’s still three times per week where you can read something engrossing, belly-shaking, tear-swiping, or possibly just dull, that I have written. And it gives me more time for my books that I am (supposedly) working on.

What do you think? Will I lose everyone? Will you fade away and give me up for someone who writes more frequently? Will the magnetic poles reverse, causing massive chaos? Will I ever get my work-out in today?

At LDW, I’ll be rotating between nostalgia (because I’m old), odd days (I seem to have more than my share), vegetarian meals (to mix into your menus once in awhile), and $5 date nights.

Here, I’ll continue with the same eclectic, odd posts. And in case you’ve missed any, here are a few you can link to:

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Well that’s seems like plenty for a late Friday. Have a great weekend everyone! And check out LDW on Tuesday!

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to increase my posts for random items, such as book reviews, if I ever decide to participate in more blog hops, or for no logical reason at all.