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It was noon and I sat down to eat my lunch, fold some laundry and watch part of The Chew.  They were tasting a “cleanse smoothie” and everyone seemed to like it. The guest, Hugh Jackman (okay, the real reason I lingered), politely took one bite of his mushroom / brown rice slider (that I thought sounded yummy), but kept sipping at his smoothie. He commented positively twice on the drink, but I noticed never took another bite of the burger. (Maybe he doesn’t care for mushrooms. Sadly, some people just don’t.) So what was in that creamy, orange-colored smoothie? Daphne gushed: carrot juice, grapefruit juice and ginger.

Hmmm. I like smoothies. I blend one up pretty much every morning. However, I’d never heard of that combo before. It looked pretty. Hugh seemed to like it. And I had all the ingredients on hand. Yep, for supper, to go with the Best Ruebens Ever (made on the George Foreman grill my son and daughter-in-law gave us for Christmas—quick shout-out to them), I served a glass of the carrot / grapefruit / ginger drink that I’d run through my juicer.

Now I don’t always try what I see on TV. Mostly I don’t watch that many cooking shows. (I didn’t even stick around to watch Hugh cook with Mario—gasp), but I have had success a time or two.

But the juice? It’s a good thing I put so much work into making it (peeling carrots and grapefruit, cleaning up the juicer, etc.) other wise, I would have poured it down the drain. My DH is more pragmatic. He drank it just fine because it was “good for him.” Don’t you hate when that’s the only reason to eat something?

So why was I fooled into thinking the drink was going to be tasty? Well, Hugh is an actor. Just saying.

I forgive him though, and I’ll still go see him in the movie version of Les Mis where he’ll play the heroic Jean Valjean. Oh Yeah Baby. (Of course having Russel Crowe join him as Javert is a bonus.) Too bad the release is not until December.

In the meantime, I will not be drinking grapefruit with anything.