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I was sick on Monday and Tuesday (first time in 25 years that I lost my stomach), so after two days of recovery and taking care of the barest of requirements to keep the house going (laundry, meals, and cleaning around the toilet) I did not get a blog written for today. (Though I did get 99 pages on a manuscript re-worked.)

Therefore, for lack of something to tell about (I’ll skip the details of getting to know my dinner prepared two ways) I thought I’d just write about my day. My daughter-in-law told me once that people would like to know. I don’t really think so, but here it is anyway. We’ll see if she comments. . .

This morning the alarm went off at 5:30. M, T, W, and F it does. Sunday is 6 a.m. Thursday is 4:30. Saturday we sleep in until around 7. (I love that my DH can program his phone to take care of these multiple times. Technology is great!) This morning we indulged in snuggling while the snooze counted down. Then we slid to our knees, and held hands across the bed while we said our prayers.

While he got ready for work, I made a green smoothie for breakfast: spinach, apple, banana, strawberries and today, peaches. My DH also had a bowl of granola he made last week and because he was extra hungry, topped it off with a frozen waffle. (Kashi—time for me to make some.)

Then I made his lunch: sliced chicken (Costco bbq) sandwich, some left-over mushroom / rice side dish to “nuke” (microwave), carrot sticks, apple slices, veggie chips, and some chocolate covered peanuts.

Finally I sat down to figure out my blog.

Today’s to do list includes:

  • Post this blog. (I’m having trouble getting the images to cooperate)
  • Work-out (bike, treadmill and today is weights), shower and dress for the day
  • Rework 100 pages (or less) of a manuscript to submit to another publisher by next week. (This is called getting back on the horse after a brutal rejection.)
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Ironing and a batch of darks
  • Vacuuming
  • Take care of emails, phone calls, bills and etc.
  • Miscellaneous tasks like water the plants, scoop and feed my basement tenant, and dishes.
  • Make waffles?
  • Make dinner
  • Head to bed around 8 and be asleep around 9 for tomorrow’s early wake up.

So that’s it. Most of it feels like I’m a hamster on one of those circle treadmills. That’s why the best parts of my day are time with my DH, connecting with friends, phone calls with my children, and seeing progress on my writing. These are the parts that take life forward while the rest of it seems to cycle.