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In a life that could be easily consumed by appointments, taking care of TO-DO lists and children, and neighbors and church lessons and meals and commuting and Netflix, and so on and so on, (big breath) too often just talking to someone gets a back seat.

I enjoy the time when my DH and I spend just talking. Last year we switched our phone plan to our daughter’s plan (she works for Verizon and the discount is nice). One day she noticed that her dad called the same number almost exclusively, and quite frequently. Yep, mine. So she added it to the unlimited calling list, and our bill went down. I don’t know why we hadn’t thought of it since the switch.

When my DH calls we talk about bills, and things that need to be done, and shopping lists I need him to stop and pick up, or I’ll read him something I wrote, but mostly, we talk about our days and things we’ve come across that we like to share.

In some conversations with my DH he tells me about something I had no idea about prior. I still remember a trip to Idaho, when he explained the workings of pistons in the engine of a car. Not something I would have taken the trouble to find out normally. 

Through the years, we’ve gone to Idaho often and I’ve learned several things on those trips.

This week he taught me about stock symbols. Now, I have not been curious about stocks before this last year when he became a broker. (Yes, he’s now one of them.) (Long ago a date once took me to a library where, using a Wall Street Journal, we “purchased” stocks. I had no idea what he was talking about and the endless columns of cryptic letters and numbers did not interest me at all. But he was cute so I smiled and nodded. Later, we never did find time to see how well our stock had done. Perhaps it was the glaze over my eyes.)

Anyway, recently my DH explained how all company stocks have trading symbols—letters that represent who they are (some of this I knew), like AT&T is represented by a T. It gets tricky though. Ford motor company is represented by an F, while another corporation has the letters FORD. The number of letters, such as four or five, means something, and if they end in an X, it’s probably a mutual fund. And so on, and so on. And try to stay interested Susan.

And then he said, “Guess what the letters for Harley Davidson are?” No idea. Undaunted, he told me, “HOG” 

And that’s when I learned something that might come in handy in a conversation before RS begins.

My favorite conversations have been when we’re walking or hiking and we just day-dream. I remember the day we walked down to the grocery store (because I like to take walks through my town in the summer and he accommodates me) and on the way home we discussed options for a side business. From that conversation we made an offer to purchase a local franchise, and entered into negotiations that eventually became ridiculous until we pulled our offer, BUT the walk and the ‘what if’ conversation were wonderful.

And some of our conversations get side-tracked and end abruptly.  

The other day my DH called me when he got off work so we could talk while he drove home. I was recovering from a head cold and as the time went by, my voice disintegrated to deeper and deeper tones.

DH: “Are you losing your voice?”
Me: “It’s just my sultry voice.”
DH: “Sultry?”