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The other day I tried squeezing as much as possible into a day: workout, writing, laundry, house keeping, frost 100 sugar cookies (made the day before) and by 5 p.m., help set up for a Pine Wood derby. It’s one of those days when there was not even a spare thirty minutes to make dinner. And yet, the results were delicious:

1. Sweet Potatoes and Lentil Soup

a. Bake a couple of sweet potatoes in the microwave. b. Open a can of Amy’s lentil soup and set it to warm. c. Grate some fresh ginger into a bit of butter. d. Peel the baked potatoes and put them through a ricer (mashing works, but ricers are wonderful). e. Soften the butter and add salt and pepper. Combine with the potatoes. And that’s it. Soup and sweet potato supper.

I like to keep some soup on hand for easy pairings for quick meals.

2. Tomato soup (either creamy or red pepper variety) paired with a toasted cheese sandwich. (This Seed Bread is my new FAVORITE!!!! I find it at Costco.)

3. Veggie chili (I’m counting this in the soup genre) over tortilla chips topped with grated cheese, shredded lettuce, olives, tomatoes and yogurt based ranch dressing. Serve with cottage cheese scooped onto pear halves.

4. Butternut squash soup with a cabbage / apple / walnut salad.

For some other quick meals, this site has several ideas. Warning: no soup involved.