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My DH went to the freezer to pull out the restraunt-sized strawberries from Costco for our morning green smoothie. One look and he chuckled at the brightly colored clothespin holding the rolled top shut. “You did it again?”

It’s not fair. With the strawberries, I sincerely tried to open them the way they are designed so that the built-in zip-lock seal will function. I cut thin layer by layer, until the seal on the bag is severed. I always believe I will succeed. And inevitably, the bag opens up with the zip mechanism dangling, tauntingly, from one side. And I groan. The problem is, I know it is possible because my DH did it just fine on the last bag.

Generally, I suppose bloggers don’t want to write about their weaknesses, their goofs, their chinks in the armor. And yet, I seem to keep doing that. I have written about my lack of rhythm in And Left, Left. . . No . . . Your Other Left, my inability to stay on tune in Building Your Child’s Self-Worth, and my lack of judgment in Don’t Tell Anyone When I Fall. So you’d think my DH would be content. However, as he unrolled the strawberry bag, he told me, “You need to blog about this.” Sigh.

See, it’s a repeat offense. Anything with a built-in, resealable opening inevitably gets opened at the wrong end (from cheese to cookies I have managed to mangle them all). And I usually have to pull out the kitchen shears to help me—so it’s not like I’m resorting to a faster way.

In my defense, despite that Chips Ahoy won an award for their new packaging—who would expect them to open up like baby wipes rather than on the end like normal?

I should set aside shelves in the fridge and pantry just for such items when I first unpack them from the store—then maybe I’ll “see” the manufacture-provided simplicity. Any more, my DH just shakes his head and laughs to himself. He’s given up on trying to show me the alternative opening options.

And unfortunately, I use a lot of clothespins.

Now just in case you have the impression that I’m all bungle and thumbs, I do have some redeeming qualities. I have even written about one, once. But even those moments have their drawbacks. See Just Shoot Me and Get this Over With.

Do you have weaknesses you’d rather nobody ever knew about? Don’t blog about them.