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Have you ever remembered an event in which the person you shared it with has no memory of it at all? This happened this last week when one of my sisters called. She remembered something I had completely forgotten. Probably because of the outcome.

When we were children, our parents purchased a swing-set for us. It was much like many others in brilliant Crayola colors with two swings, a two-seated glider, a bar, slide, and the swing chairs that seated four. We loved that swing-set and literally wore it out.

My favorite memories are when we played rocket ship in the swing chairs (it was the era of “Lost in Space” and “Star Trek”). Younger siblings hung on for dear life while the older ones stood on the back of the seats and, while gripping the support poles, really got it flying. Then we’d crash land (inevitably), jump off, and go explore.

At the ends of the swing set there were cross bars, creating A frames. We’d stand on them and remove the yellow, cone shaped pieces that capped the top bar. Then we’d call instructions to each other through the hollow tube. We’d say things like “go check out those rocks,” “over and out,” and “yes sir.” We took turns being “captain.”

Eventually, one by one, the parts wore out and were hauled away until only the frame remained. And that is where my sister’s memory comes in.

She said that she and I each stood on one of the cross bars at the ends and by swaying, we got the whole frame to rock back and forth, or from the front view, side to side. We pulled and swayed and the legs began to leave the ground. Soon we had it going with tremendous momentum until my end broke through gravity and flung upward as the whole set flipped to her side. She said I was shot into the air and flew through space (like a clown fired from a cannon).

So I figured out why I don’t remember this event. Either,

  1. It was a different sister.
  2. My sister who remembers dreamed the whole thing.
  3. Did someone say concussion?