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My daughter introduced me to a new work-out program. It’s from LeanMoms.com. The Soft To Sexy Six Week Transformation Challenge helps mothers feel good about their bodies.

And grandmothers. From what I can tell I’m the only grandma currently enrolled, so come on board all you grandmas! What does it matter if we have fifteen years (or more) on the lady that designed the program? We’re all fabulous! However, beware: there’s a FB page where the participants comment and leave pictures. One girl posted “before” and “after” pictures. That girl could model bikinis before she started. I haven’t had abs like hers since, well since I was her age. Also, a couple of girls posted their “guns.” They have terrific bicep and tricep definition. I’m four weeks into this, so I pulled up my arm and flexed to compare. I have fuzzy definition. My “guns” are more like pea shooters.

There are also a few exercises my body never imagined it would do. 1. Pull-up abs. Using a chin-up bar—with the elbows bent—the idea is to pull the knees up to the chest and lower them slowly. Repeat. Repeat again. Repeat until the set is finished, take a break, and do two more sets. Add a twist when possible. I’m sorry—I’m still at “with the elbows bent.” But I have high hopes.

The other is slant push-ups. Basically, it’s a push-up with the feet elevated. The reason this is not in my range of possibility yet, is my push-ups have yet to see my knees leave the floor, let alone my feet.

But I plug away. I run stairs and do sprints and “Arnold presses.” I’m learning I can be sore in places I’ll never use while I’m at my desk writing. Or pushing the mop across the floor. Or even dumping laundry into the washing machine. But those muscles might come in handy this July when I’m rappelling down a hill-side without a harness and the only thing I have between me and the rocky ground below are my pea shooters.

What I am amazed at is how many ways a person can “squat” or lunge. Front squats, wide leg squats, in-and-outs, rapid squats, one-legged squats (with and without weights), hop lunges, back lunges, walking lunges, and so forth. And leap frogs. Okay, try that one. Twenty leap frogs—be sure to get your rear-end (butt) all the way down. I start at one end of the largest room in my basement and go ten, then ten back. At eighteen my muscles are on fire. Then I walk it off, laughing in self-deprecating amusement for thirty seconds, and then repeat. After three sets, I know I’ll be climbing stairs like a cowboy again for two days. But my DH says I look great from behind. ahem.

The thing is, I’ve begun to look forward to my morning work-out. I’m starting to see results–the biceps are beginning to mound. Subway, here I come!

BTW, LeanMoms.com is running a special until June 3rd. It’s the end of the blow-out, 50% off Mother’s Day Special. I really like this program. It will give you confidence at the gym—teaching you how to use various pieces of equipment. There are video demos for everything. And the recipes are yummy.