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Today was odd. No way around it. Just odd.

I substituted in a children’s class in church. I thought it went rather well, helping them understand the concept of reverence and on the side, teaching them about being self-governing. We laughed, we played a game, we talked about beautiful pictures of nature. However, at the end of class I had two comments. 1. “I wanted to color. We didn’t color.” And 2. “We didn’t have snacks. Our other teacher always brings snacks.”

Arriving home I took the lid off of the crock pot. Okay, I admit it was iffy going in. Based on a recipe for chicken something, I had thrown in a few extras like chopped mushrooms that needed to be eaten. However, after looking at it, I commented, “This may just be disgusting.” Black mushroom chunks floating in chicken broth tend to suggest that. My DH was not reassured.

Thankfully it wasn’t that bad. Especially with a little more seasoning. But his assessment? “If I was a pioneer, I’d be very thankful for this.”

So busy Saturdays tend to demand Sunday naps. I was deep into one of my ridiculous dreams when suddenly, “CLANG, Rattle, BUMP, Clang!” Then just as I decided my cat must have knocked something down, “BANG!” Fully awake, I left my zombied DH and ventured out by myself. My cat was at the back door, staring in (and waiting to give me his usual dressing down for neglecting him). I let him in and went to the pantry to pull out some multigrain chips to go with some grapes for a snack. On the floor were two metal water bottles. That accounted for the first noise, but not how they got there. Or the follow-up bang that sounded like someone collided into a wall.

Maybe someone is still waiting, hidden in the laundry room or the guest bathtub behind the shower curtain.

If I never write another blog, you’ll know why. . .