This last week I was mostly AWOL as far as blogging goes. And a few other things. It all turned out good though.

  1. I made around 170 cookies (and frosted half of them) for a niece’s wedding reception.

[It was an adorable reception—with an old fashioned theme. For example, the cake stand was a set of old scales! And in the garden outside the reception facility, my sister had hung very large empty frames—painted in the brilliant reception colors—from the branches of trees. The hall inside was even better, but my sis seems to create this style instinctively (not to say she didn’t spend many hours painting, framing, and etc). Another sister came and worked her magic at the refreshment stand (literally looked like an old lemonade stand) with her ability to stage as well as the delicious cookies she made (about 600!).]

  1. I made banners and streamers for my granddaughter’s birthday party. (One lady passing by even came over and began to inspect how I had made the banners—now that’s flattering.) (Click on the picture for a close-up.)
  2. I made and frosted a five layer cake and my friend came to my house twice and decorated it. (I helped a tiny bit.) Carrying it through the zoo on Saturday gathered lots of attention. Later a lady approached me (I had worn bright pink leggings so I was easy to pick out) and asked if I was the lady with The Cake. Another lady actually followed us from the gate to the pavilion where we set up. She gave me her name and number so that she could contact my friend to order a similar cake.
  3. Also made pinwheels that were stuck in everything from crayons to bowls of chips and vases of candy.
  4. In my yard, I cleaned up flower beds filled with cheerful pansies (I always feel so rude, as if I’m hurting their feelings) and prepared the areas for the flats of flowers that are waiting for me to plant—tomorrow.
  5. Other miscellaneous day-to-day tasks that usually fill a week.

And the reasons for all this? Well my granddaughter is a big one (it was her birthday party at the zoo).

What didn’t get attention? My blog, my current work-in-process, several emails, a couple of work-outs and some ironing. But tomorrow’s a new day. I love new beginnings. I even (gasp) love Monday mornings because I can start a new week with high expectations, renewed resolve and enthusiasm.