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We had a visitor from approximately Friday noon to Monday afternoon. She is two years old and filled our days with giggles, dancing, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” and building castles to be knocked down.

Once she sneezed and my DH recoiled. He threw his hands into the air, got wide-eyed and took a couple of steps backward. She laughed with delight and sneezed again. And again. He soon learned:

  • Don’t begin something you are not prepared to repeat fifty times. Or more.

We’re still new to this grandparenting thing and as she continues to become wiser we are learning something every minute; such as:

  • Meals do not have to be fussy when it’s just granddaughter and me: chicken fingers, cottage cheese and strawberries—perfect. Until. . .
  • A fork with cottage cheese on it, flipped rapidly in the fingers makes interesting patterns on the floor.
  • There’s a whole new genre of books: potty books.
  • The pantry, a closet and my shower all make great play houses. Keeping the light on and teddy grahams on a shelf in the pantry is appreciated.
  • If I drop Granddad and granddaughter off at the park with a picnic lunch and her swim suit for the splash garden while I go to lunch with friends—an hour later Granddad is the hero and I am nothing.
  • Grandmas can make their own rules. Serving ice-cream just before supper is okay.
  • Wind storms are a great time to dance on the patio.
  • Exercise balls and granddad are just fun!
  • Playing hide ‘n seek is the best chance at a nap if you hide well enough while she and granddad look for you.
  • Never let her out of your sight. Enough said.