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Last Saturday we spent the day with our children: a large farmer’s market, lunch at PF Changs, and then a couple of hours at the Red Butte Gardens in SLC. I loved the gardens and could spend days there, but mostly I loved having my children and granddaughter with us. There were so many perfect moments, but as I came out from inside the Weeping Mulberry Tree, I thought, “I hope we remember that moment,” and though pictures help, the feelings were priceless. I went home and wrote this in my journal:

“We spent most of our time in the Children’s Garden playing with [our granddaughter].

There were tunnels

that emerged at a fountain and we realized we’d been in the belly of a dragon.

There was a house she and granddad went into

and a sandbox she played in with her dad and granddad.

“Then we came to a weeping Mulberry with little chairs beneath and several of us went in and sat down. We were singing ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain’ when her mother came to look in. Our granddaughter held out a hand, ‘Come in!’ repeating until her mother consented. Then she pointed to an empty chair in the back—’sit there.’

“We sang ‘Bear’ again for mom. Then her daddy came by and she insisted he come in, but there were no more chairs. She looked at her own as if she would sacrifice it to have him join, but he just squatted. Then she announced, ‘ABC’s’ and so we sang that. It was such a fun moment.

“Every bend brought such discoveries that she soon learned to give up one that she had loved to go find the next.”

I love having a journal. Almost as good as a day spent looking through the eyes of a child, is remembering it for always.

“Come on in.”