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Last week I attended a fascinating 2-day conference that consumed the hours, stretched my concepts of possibilities and left me half asleep all day Sunday. I love days like that. Tomorrow I’ll begin typing up my notes and relive it all once again.

However I didn’t get around to blogging. My busy days actually began on Thursday when I had errands to run, including filling the car with gas. Now this may seem silly to confess, but I only do it about once per year. Maybe. My DH usually takes care of it. Things are actually simpler these days—such as being able to pay at the pump—but I was still concerned that I might become confused. So Wednesday DH outlined the steps for me: 1. Insert the Costco card. 2. Insert the bank card. 3. Select the type of gas. And so on. I repeated it back, took all the necessary Google maps he’d also printed for my various errands and set out early the next morning.

The unforeseen problem was we didn’t discuss how to open the place where the nozzle goes to feed gas into the gas tank. I looked and looked and couldn’t find the lever inside the car. I was conscious of the cars in line and really had hoped I’d be efficient and quick. Finally I called to another customer, “Sir?”

The man came over and I explained my dilemma. He smiled indulgently and looked inside my car, confident he’d find what I had missed. He pulled and pushed buttons. The doors locked, windows moved and the gas tank cover stayed shut. Part of me felt slightly vindicated.

Then he reached over and tapped it. And yep, it opened. I was so glad he was a stranger that I’d never meet again.

So besides learning how to fill my own car with gas, I learned something else. If at first I don’t succeed, try the obvious.