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Last week my computer nearly died. It was attacked by some unknown source and being too old and weak to resist, rolled up in a ball in the corner and had a total meltdown. Thankfully, Super DH swept in and saved it. After rebooting in safe mode, he ran diagnostic scans and executed other life saving procedures that I don’t even pretend to understand, and then reset it to a day well before the attack occurred.  

In other words, not only did he resurrect my computer and restore all the files that had vanished (they literally all vanished), but he brought it back days younger.

If I had been able to detect the virus before the attack, I might have done what was necessary to avoid the crash.


See my life right now is on a course headed for a potential crash and I am actually doing my best to keep going that direction. I have been committing to more and more tasks that I’m going to have to squeeze into my days.

  1. I met with my publisher, and my current two manuscripts will be published next year, six months apart. This is good and exciting news! (Everyone give a big Yeah!) But it also means I came away with a list of things to do to prep them and to market them.
  2. I’ve begun outlining my next story that will actually be a trilogy.
  3. I accepted a teaching job at a private school starting next month. This means marathon preparation of lesson plans etc.
  4. I am also looking for another part-time job to help with expenses, including the cost of a car to get me to and from school.
  5. I still contribute at least one article per week to an on-line e-zine that asked me to write for them.
  6. I REALLY want to get to another writing project that is on the shelf and should be done this fall!!!!
  7. Plus life—you know, cleaning, meal prep, laundry, garden, harvest preserving, work outs and oh yeah, refinishing the front door. (That’s another post.)
  8. And enjoy time with my DH and children.

Like I said, I just might find myself curled up in a ball whimpering before long. But the thing is, I don’t really see that happening. I’m being blessed and strengthened day by day and with God’s help I believe everything will be just fine.

But if not. . .

Well, he can reboot me. I may even come out a few days younger. (I’m sure it will be noticeable.)  

Danger We are on a Collision Course