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Last night my DH and I sat up in bed in the dark with breezes coming in through the window, and “flipped” through the pictures on Flipboard on his iPad. I emailed a few to myself, and am going to share three here because I like the messages. Most of the pictures can be found on the Facebook page for Amazing Things in the World. The site quotes Albert Einstein: “Logic will take you from A to B, but the Imagination will take you everywhere.”

The world is amazing, especially when someone with an imagination is behind the lens of a camera. They see things I might have missed. So here are three.

I am a proponent of recycling and making beautiful things from objects that have outlived their purpose. This one is fantastic. It is made of waste tires by Yong Ho Ji.


This next one is a photograph taken by Michael Schmidt. It is Mandarin ducks sitting on a handrail at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. They remind me of the artistry within creation. Birds, flowers and fish—their colors always astound me. The Chinese refer to the Mandarin ducks as Yuan-yang and “they are frequently featured in Oriental art” where they “are regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity.” I love that.

This last one is two sea otters holding hands while they sleep so that they don’t drift apart. A sermon in itself.

If you go to the Amazing Things in the World page, watch for the seagull in flight—wow! Now that is a skilled photographer! Then look for the serenity in the “Forest in Siberia” from National Geography photos.

Have a beautiful day and may your creativity find an outlet.