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So today I took some skills tests for a potential job. Typing, Word, and Excel. Typing was not my best—the keys were much “deeper” than I’m used to and I kept having to tell myself to calm down—that I’d do better if my hands would quit shaking. In the end, I was down 10 wpm, and though I did well enough, felt like I’d finished second to Secretariate. (His name always sounded like he should know how to type.)

The Excel test I totally bombed. Shards of cells and columns exploded through the cyber universe. I do know how to write equations—even relative or absolute—but clustering? Just one of several instructions that were “Greek to me.” The girl at the desk reassured me I could retest another day. Like that’s going to change anything.

The Word test—well, much better, but there was one instruction where I was to draw a box around a paragraph and I wasn’t sure what they wanted. I tried selecting it and applying a table, I scanned a few other options and finally opted for cutting the paragraph and inserting it into a text box. It looked good. But I got it wrong. I guess the test doesn’t care that I knew how to do that. I’m still not sure, but they probably just wanted me to literally draw a box around it. Maybe I should have formatted the text box with a hot pink checkered pattern—I could do that.

In the end, it’s all good. I left the testing center and after a couple of hours at the campus library researching a project, I left for a job interview for another position across the county. It’s a place I REALLY would love to work and didn’t think I had a chance. Well, it turned out—

I did!

The lady loved me! Her boss loved me! I walked out with tax forms and tons to do before I meet with her again next week for a short training session. Yep, I rock!

So for now, I’m not too worried about learning more Excel and retesting. The next Secretariate can have that job.