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Last week, in the interview, my new employer strongly encouraged me to “go back to school” and finish my degree. Yep. In a few years I could be one of those ladies who make the papers as the senior graduate for that class.

Today I spent countless hours online and in telephone queues trying to get transcripts and ACT test scores sent to the institution of my choice (determined by proximity and tuition costs). My first surprise was to learn that my transcripts may still be viable. However, tracking them down was another matter (they’re probably on a computer punch card in a dusty basement someplace).

At one point I realized that the date I took the ACT was not a possibility in the multiple choice years. Not even close by at least a decade. I’m beginning to think I should be shopping for a rest home rather than applying to a university.

Thankfully, a phone call later gave me a different path. It’s interesting about phone operators. First time I called the ACT people, a lady took my call and kept repeating—in a very condescending tone–“go to ACT bla bla bla.org“ as if I didn’t understand her. She finally accepted that I had already been there, and answered my question. But a few pages later I was at the date dilemma. This time when I called I got a man who was more than helpful—he almost seemed reluctant to let me hang up. (Kind of like the feeling of someone waiting for a tip and you are sure you gave them enough.)

All in all, I talked to five strangers, visited countless web pages, twice charged my credit card, and in the end, accomplished two things. Tomorrow I attack the next two items on my to-do list. Life shouldn’t be this complicated.*

 *In between times, I’ve been reading a handbook as thick as an old phone book and as tightly printed, but without the pictorial ads. I’ve gained a new desire for simplicity. I’d much rather climb a tree and read a book.