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This last week my email was “hijacked” (as one person informed me) when I opened an attachment from a trusted source. I’m usually very careful about that, and apologize to anyone who might have been affected. This morning, through a series of connected thoughts, I was reminded of a story I heard again recently.

Many years ago, my mother met a handsome young man at a small college in Idaho. He was back from Korea and she was young and beautiful. When he left to go to Kentucky and Tennessee for two years, she promised to wait for him. Shortly afterwards, she went to Utah and obtained a job as a secretary. While there, she met many people, and other young men. One particularly proved distracting.

Two years is a long time when you’re young. Eventually my mom wrote her young man in Kentucky a “Dear John” letter, indicating that she would not be there when he came home.

And then, months later she realized there were no other young men as wonderful as the one in Kentucky. She sent him a box of cookies.

When the package arrived, he was in a room of other young men. Opening the box, he passed around the homemade cookies, not realizing they were meant just for him. After the box had gone around, there were only two or three left in the bottom. He took one of them, and began to eat it. It happened to be the very cookie where my mom had placed her class pin.

Well that young man became my dad, and he has commented, “You’re lucky I am the one who found that class pin, or one of those other fellows might have had to marry your mom and he would have been your dad.”