My backyard was pink tonight. Probably a combination of sunset, storm clouds to the east and the smoke from fires to the north. It was intriguing,

and unsettling.

I read that the smoke from the fires up north were predominantly from a series of burning uranium mines. AND they were producing radio-active smoke. Scientists and/or government people tested the nearby town for radiation levels, but their evasive reassurances didn’t exactly say “all-is-well.” Yep—I’m sleeping good tonight.

Everyday on my new commute I pass a billboard promising that the road construction is nearing its finish date. It proclaims: The End. . . is Near. Seeing it so often had begun to ding at my sub-conscious like the steady drip of (radio-active) water. I might be getting carried away—with an imagination like mine this is not unusual–because tonight I thought, Maybe there is something to this pink atmosphere.

Since I’m not a fan of TV news, newspapers, or any main-stream media, there are times when I realize I might have missed something. So far, nothing life-threatening. At least that I’ve heard.

But if the warning message flashing across your TV is not a test, and you realize it’s time to activate those 72 hr. backpacks filled with stale ramen noodles, please take a minute and let me know. I’ll probably be on my back deck enjoying the differently colored atmosphere

or digging a fall-out shelter.