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Technology is over taking me.  First, my DH updated my Word to 2007. Yes, I know there are children in school born since then, but for me, this is progress.

The big change is my birthday gift that came early—a new cell phone. Now that I’m not home bound, certain people felt they’d like to keep better track of me or something.

Anyway, this phone has SIRI. My DH thinks it’s his toy.

DH: Who am I?
SIRI: Why ask me, (insert his name)?

Aside from her spunky reply, this blew him away. Understand, he was asking my phone and it knew him! He held it out at arm’s length, cocked his head and squinted one eye. Big Brother is no longer a fable.

He insists he got me the phone with SIRI so I can text faster. He had me try it out:

Me: I’d like to send a text.

SIRI: To whom would you like the message to go?

Me: (DH’s name) (Since he was right there.)

SIRI: What would you like the message to say?

Me: Give me back my phone.

But DH was not through. He set a reminder for next week. SIRI said, “Okay, I will remind you.” He asked the date. SIRI answered. He asked the time. Again, she gave the answer. He asked the temperature. Not only did she give the correct temperature outside, but she pulled up the AP that would give extensive information.

It was like opening a box of chocolates. He began to have her launch APS—thankfully I don’t have that many yet—only the ones my DH has installed.

Finally my battery ran low and he relinquished the phone. But not before my favorite conversation:

DH: Where’s the cat? (he rarely mentions him by name.)

SIRI: Where ever you find him, that’s where he is.

Yep, I like her attitude.