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It has been a difficult, painful, but peaceful few days since my mother-in-law passed. Most of it is too sacred to share here, but this part is worth noting.

Her youngest son is the highest ranking officer of the Idaho State Police in S.E. Idaho. He had humbly asked, “I have one request, can I lead the escort to the cemetery?” Of course! But none of us were prepared for what happened.

Leaving the church, there were four vehicles lined in front of the hearse, and more waiting to fall in behind the procession. There were state police, police from two cities, and I even saw a sheriff. Others appeared as needed on route. They blocked major intersections, rather than taking back roads, and then we were led onto the freeway to travel to the other end of town. It was an amazing tribute. I’m sure most of the officers volunteered in honor of the son as well as his mother. Cars on the freeway fell to the side and the road stretched empty before us. He had arranged an escort such as a president would receive—for his mother.

I was reminded of a conversation with my DH.

He had said his mother reminded him of the scripture “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt. 5:5). I commented that it is interesting that so often we see people trying to carve out their place in this life—to receive recognition, money, or power—but it is people like his mother to whom the earth will be given.

Earlier, stories were told at the service—I’ll share just two, but they both illustrate an aspect of the woman we knew and loved.

First one:

My DH’s brother told of taking her to a movie with his family. The show was Fievel Goes West. At the end the scenery depicts red rock country. She commented, “It looks just like Zion’s National Park. I bet they filmed it in Southern Utah.”  “Well, no, mom. It’s a cartoon.”

Second story was told by my DH of the time his appendix ruptured and the days prior, and long recovery period after when she tended to his every need, doing everything she could think of to ease his pain and suffering. (She had taken him to the emergency room the first day, but they sent them home.)

She charmed us;

she inspired us;

and she loved us. We are so blessed to have known her.