Guilt creeps in just when I think I’m getting my ducks lined up. It’s November and friends have already been posting on Facebook their lists (one entry per day) that they are thankful for. Goodness Gracious! Is it already the 3rd? Since I didn’t post November 1st—does that mean I’m callous toward my blessings? Will I be forever branded as a Thanksgiving Scrooge? Oh the pressure and shame that comes from getting on social media!

(BTW, are there rules for it? if I don’t respond to someone’s post will they unfriend me? If I post too often will they hide me? If I don’t get on for a few days does the world leave me behind?)

And then I remembered—I have a blog! (Trumpet sound effect.) Here I can at least make up for lost time regarding my “Thankful list.”

So strap in and think what you’d list. Hopefully this triggers an idea for you (and one you could share with your family or Facebook friends).

(BTW, my next post is a great idea for your Thanksgiving table that I’ve saved from last year.)

Part I: Here we go:

  1. Almighty God
  2. Best Friend—my DH   And, despite a crazy life with no time left over, and particularly on days like this when I need rescuing, my blog.
  3. Children—especially my grown-up ones—A & B, M & H, as well as the ones I meet each day in their red plaid jumpers and navy blue pants.
  4. Daughters (yes they get mentioned again.) and my DH
  5. Early mornings—the stillness, the light edging out the dark, the beckoning of fresh air, a clean slate.
  6. Frontiers—and exploring them.
  7. Granddaughter and (Breakfast time) Green drinks, Golden Delicious apple pudding, Granola
  8. History (especially the stories of Heroic—disguised as ordinary—people)
  9. iPhone—and being able to listen to classics while I commute. And take my own pictures whenever I want. And text people for no reason at all. And find my way to new places. Oh, and have strange conversations with a computer. This thank you goes especially to my daughter.
  10. June and January and the beauty of each. Ok, and July—away from the city where stars can gather in massive choirs overhead.
  11. (the memory of) Kool-aid popsicles and ice-cubes.
  12. Lilacs and Lavender and Leaves that range from lemon yellow to deep wine. (The plants of my yard.)

(I won’t post Part II, but I think you get the idea.)

What’s on your list?

P.S. We served my father-in-law some chocolate avocado pudding and he raved about it.