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How friendly are you? I’m not talking about how many friends you have on Facebook, or how many text messages you send each day, but do people light up to see you?

This short quiz tests your friendliness.

  1. When you drive through your neighborhood and you see someone walking, do you wait to see if you know them before you wave, or do you wave anyway?
  2. At the store, do you talk kindly to the checker (even if they wad up the white sweater you are purchasing and slide it across a smudged counter)?
  3. Do you talk nicely to people waiting in line with you—even those wearing the rival school colors?
  4. Do you talk to people in elevators?
  5. When was the last time you talked to a stranger?
  6. When was the last time you made a new friend?
  7. Do children say “hi” to you?
  8. When you have a conversation with someone, is your focus on them, or on what you have to say?

My mother-in-law passed away this last October and I was astounded at some of the people that came to the viewing. A lady came, who often offered samples at a store. She had come to know mom from her and dad’s trips there. There was a group of ladies from their credit union that came together.

A week after the funeral, when dad went to Costco, employees gathered around him as soon as he walked in the door. One left “to go get something,” and returned with a card. As he walked throught he store, many offered their condolences and often there was a hug. In the quiet of the parking lot, when he opened the card, he was touched to see that it had been signed by at least thirty employees—even the gas attendant had added his note. And these were not just gathered signatures. When dad drove over to the gas pumps, the attendant saw his car and crossed to be there as soon as dad stepped out.

Some people feel that because they know (or sort of met once) someone famous that it reflects well on them. Perhaps the best reflection of how friendly you are is when everyone you meet—even the lady offering samples at the store—considers you their friend.

By-the-way, there is no score for this quizz–the results are in the faces you meet.