playground signIt’s been a kick-back day. DH spent most of it miserably cocooned in bed with a cold. I went to church where I passed from one room to another listening to speakers and teachers espousing the virtues of faith, forgiveness and something else. It was all good, and that something else will probably come back to me later when I’m thinking about cheese balls, King Hezekiah, or snowy driveways. There’s got to be a connection. Faith, Hezekiah, forgiveness, snowy driveways, and that other topic that the family spoke about but all I remember is that she teaches at one high school and he at the rival. Sometimes my mind wanders. . . Cheese balls shaped like pinecones with toasted almonds stuck in for the ridges.

This evening I was reminded of my childhood days on a teeter-totter at the near-by park.  I enjoyed it when we could balance two small siblings against me, or an older one scooted to the back to equal my long- legged frame. Up and down, up and down. Teaching us about fulcrums and leverage and balance without the walls of a physics class. There was laughter and jars, or five to a side. Sometimes one of us dared to stand in the middle while two sisters see-sawed. All so long ago. . .

Today, dinner came at mid-day: apple and cheese stuffed chicken breasts with veggies. For supper we raided the freezer and had eggrolls. In between I worked on a lesson, eliminated a dozen emails and such. Like I said, a kick-back day. Tomorrow, more up and down—or rather, back and forth.Seesaw1902

Monday means life-as-usual. Morning commute—drop DH off at work, scoot up the hill to tutor until noon. Drive home—mop floors, write, laundry, bedding, trash, supper—and drive back to tutor a student after school. Trying to maintain my balance. Then pick up DH and if he is feeling up to it—Christmas shopping and swing by the hospital in the county to the north of us. There, the son of his cousin is battling back from surgery that removed a massive brain tumor.

I guess there really is no such thing as life-as-usual after all. That is when I thought of the teeter-totter. I had a peaceful day and our dear friends spent it on the edge of sanity, praying with every breath for their son to recover.

For them, life just planted its feet and tried to buck them off.