and peeked inYears ago my mom taught me this:

This is where I live,                      (point to child’s chin)

And this is where you live,           (point to their forehead)

And I went up to see you.            (fingers walk up face from chin to forehead)

I knocked on the door                   (knock softly on forehead)

And peeked in.                              (lift eye lid and peek in)

I lifted the latch,                            (lift nose with finger)

Wiped off my feet,                         (finger “wipes” back and forth on upper lip where a mustache would go)

And walked in                                (be quick so they don’t bite your finger)

I taught it to my granddaughter some time back. The picture above was taken by her Aunt Holly, and is her doing it to her daddy at dinner last week.

grandma's deskSome things they learn inadvertently.

This second picture is of her when her granddad found her at my desk today wearing my reading glasses. She says, “Just a minute, I’m working.”