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winter-romanceMy goodness, I took a bit of a break, but no worries, I’m back now and excited for this year! First of all, I have an announcement: (cyber drum-roll someone?)

my new book Cold Pursuit is coming out this March!

I am standing on the rooftop, squealing about this project. With the changes in the book industry, and the way we read books, I recognized that ebooks had a definite hold in the future. So I began imagining what I could do to embrace this market by going to the next level with an interactive ebook. The result is Cold Pursuit.

I’ll give more details in the weeks to come, but as a teaser, I’ll mention that not only are there web links, but there are links within the book itself. Now how cool is that? Oh, and it’s a mystery / romance—because what could be better?

How about the sequel six months later? It’s a romance / suspense called Hot Pursuit. Yep, it’s going to be a rocking year!

As part of the anticipation, and I know you’re all on the edge of your chairs, I’m going to blog about things related to Cold Pursuit. Here’s the breakdown:

Mondays—kicking each week off with a return of “Adding Vegetarian Meals.” I’m bringing them back because they were popular and my main character is a vegetarian (mostly whole grain / sometimes gluten free / vegan). But she’s also gorgeous, intelligent and fun. (After all, she’s named after my granddaughter—more on that another day.)

Tuesdays—Chelo’s also back. One of the favorite characters mentioned by my Beta readers was Chelo. She will be giving us tips for living the glamorous life on a budget. Sorry guys, but be consoled that it’s only on Tuesdays; however, even if you don’t use her tips, she’s a hoot to read. (BTW, my glamorous, sophisticated daughter–who is getting married to one extremely handsome guy–is helping with this one.)

Wednesday—Out My Backdoor—in other words, my life as a writer, teacher, and student (have I mentioned that I am going “back to school”?). (So, if you’re walking alongside a train track at five m.p.h. and the train leaves half an hour after you and travels at 50 m.p.h. how far will you have gone when the train passes you? Okay, forget how long the train is, or the terrain I’m supposedly walking on, why in the world would I be walking there in the first place—especially in January when there’s snow to trudge through and for the train to spray all over me? Perhaps I shouldn’t take my algebra so personal—I’m rather certain it’s a short-term relationship. You know, two ships—or trains—or one train and me—that pass in the night.)

Thursday: promotions, give-aways, calendar heads-up, and what fellow authors are writing.

Friday: information about Cold Pursuit, including samples from the book.

Any days, as excited as I am about my blog this year, I’m doubly excited about the launch party! (Party, Party, Party. . . ) It will be the middle of March—date to be announced—and there will be goodies, friendly me, music, and a mystery. Oh, and did I mention books (hard copies and links for a down-load)? I’m hosting this one at my house, which means you can see first hand where my stories get written (buried under books, papers, and post-it-notes that are everywhere like confetti).

So, buckle up and check back often (like tomorrow) because things are getting crazy fun around here!